Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Flea Market Souvenir

I have managed to do some more on this aswell as finish stitching an envelope that will be sent to the USA on Thursday....I can't show you that yet :( Wouldn't want my recipient to see it yet!
As you can see, I've gone crooked with my stitching (on the right), because I'm manipulating the thread....Hate the lines of variegated thread!!!

I'm going to be busy over the next couple of days....I have Badminton this morning, then MIL is coming and then I have my French Lesson! Tomorrow, my Son has kinder (I maybe going to help my girlfriend deliver flowers for Valentines Day) and my parents are coming with my Nana for the afternoon and for tea.... With four kids, life can sure be busy can't it?


Adana said...

Georgie, your house is coming right along, which is the part I thought might kill me before it was done. However, it was a quick fun stitch that took me just 2 weeks to complete. I've since finished the piece that Blackbird did for the SB retreat and have started Quaker Garden, and after seeing it at the retreat I can't wait to get that one done.
Good luck with your project, I'll be checking in on your progress with it.

Georgie said...

Thanks so much, Adana! I just love Quaker Garden and is on my list to do soon! I won't be as quick as you as I've got a class piece to finish soon


BlissxStitches said...

You are learning French? Wow! It's a beautiful language & it has so many uses. If you need resources, just yell.

How's wee Maggie growing?


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