Sunday, February 11, 2007

Flea Market Souvenir

I know, I know!! I have so many projects on the go, why do I start another one? Because all my others are so big and involved, I really felt like an easy one that I can finish pretty quickly... It is Flea Market by Blackbird Designs that I bought when I was in Utah for the Retreat last year. I bought the fabric while I was there from R & R, but have subbed some of the colours.....Not because the ones they chose weren't nice, but just wanted to use some in my stash. :)

(c) Blackbird Designs
This is what it will look like finished!


Janine said...

Georgie, Nice to know someone else is like me. Lots of projects started and they are all big. A nice little on is always a relief.

Georgie said...

It sure is! You feel like you are actually getting somewhere. I see everyone else completing projects, it's about time I did too!


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