Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I do have an update on the centre of my M9.....Only the outside to go!
On another note, I have had a terrible few days last week and this week regarding my job.....I've had to make some tough decisions and am now trying to cope with the consequences of those decisions. I'm trying to do some more stitching to take my mind off things......Hope to update more soon


Katrina said...

Georgie sorry you've had such a difficult week. Lots of good thoughts and prayers for you. {{{{hugs}}}}

Love your Chatelaine piece!

Von said...

Sorry you had to go through this tough time, Georgie. Hope that when you emerge on the other side, it will all be for the best. :)

Susan said...

I hope things get resolved at work, Georgie. {{{hugs}}}

Shelagh said...

Hi Georgie, sorry to hear things are not going well, hang in there. Love your work, I haven't been on blog for agessssss.


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