Saturday, May 03, 2008

Anzac Day Weekend

Last weekend, I had a lovely time with my mother.....It was Anzac Day Weekend and Mum and I had planned to travel around Victoria for a couple of days...I left my 4 kids home with my husband, mum came down to Ballarat from Bendigo on the Friday and off we went. We arrived in Colac after a leisurely drive and plenty of coffee stops along the way! Had tea in a pub in Colac and got up early the next morning so we had plenty of time at the rose nursery in Portland (Treloars). Finally arrived there, in the pouring rain only to find out it was shut! Had a look at some of the roses (there are acres and acres of them), before we decided we were getting too wet and muddy to go any further. Just not the same, when there are none for sale!

After some more driving and coffee stops, we arrived at Quamby Homestead.....Built in 1888. Mum and I stayed in the old schoolhouse. Absolutely beautiful.(Sorry the photo is a little lopsided. Had to sit the camera on a hedge! LOL) Had a gorgeous cooked breakfast in the main house and made our way home. A very slow trip home, as while we were in Mortlake, Mum noticed my tyres were low......Couldn't believe it, but I had three flat tyres! So, we just stopped at every servo to pump up the tyres until we got back to my place.....The kids were so glad to see me back. It was so hard to say goodbye to mum, as I don't see her very often, but am very glad I shared that time with her. I will treasure it forever!

P.S. Found out this week I had bits of steel in my tyres! Don't know how that happenend lol


monique said...

Sounds like a lovely time, flat tires aside :)

Chelle said...

Bummer about your tires. Otherwise it looks like you had a wonderful time!

Barbara said...

Your pictures certainly show what a lovely and special time you enjoyed!

Susan said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time, Georgie. I remember with fondness the trips that my mother and I took when she came to visit me in the USA.


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