Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Pumpkin Exchange arrived today from Diana in the Netherlands! Isn't it so cute? I got a couple of threads, a postcard of where she lives and a packet of pumpkin seeds!

Here is an update of my Trick ORTreat by Just Nan (c)
It stitches up pretty quickly and I think it's looking gorgeous! I hope to have all the stitching finished by Thursday and start putting it all together by Friday


Alison said...

Hey Georgie...I just found your blog via a link at Susan's. When do you leave for the retreat?? Taking any Tim Tams? LOL


Georgie said...

I leave in 5 more sleeps!! I'm taking quite a few packs of Tim Tams for Susan...Every flavour

Alison said...

Cool! Have a great time. I'm currently saving for 2008.

Georgie said...

Hopefully, I'll be at that one too!


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